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Seeing Mothers, children, and their families in my camera brings me an untapped level of joy I never knew I could experience. How can I be so proud of a woman I barely know?

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When it comes to the sunset on Pensacola Beach, you can’t beat it for your family photoshoot..

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I’ve stated before how much I love being in Navarre Beach as a family photographer. You get the variety of the soundside and the Gulf.

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Finding creativity as a photographer might seem incredibly easy, right? Just photograph the subject in front of you. I used to think this until I actually became a photographer. I got bored really fast. The feeling was looming over me that I was doing the same poses, the same type of people, and the same […]

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When people ask me if I’m a newborn photographer, I suggest taking a look into lifestyle newborn photography. This is what I love to do and I typically have to explain the difference between a lifestyle newborn session, and a newborn session. I love photographing newborns and seeing new mothers in their element, right at […]

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Mary Miles and Shane exude love in every which way. There is nothing like a Fort Pickens engagement shoot.

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One of the most common questions I get as a lifestyle photographer is “What should we bring?” or “Do you have any photoshoot tips for us?” Well, that really depends. Many people want their photo session to stand out or do something different than your run of the mill photoshoot. And, let me tell you.. […]

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Kamiren and Alex were looking for a Pensacola Maternity photographer and my dear friends sent them my way. After having to reschedule for weather and make things work for Kamiren’s nursing schedule, I FINALLY got to meet this beautiful couple. I knew upon arrival they were going to be so chill to work with, In […]







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A lifestyle photographer in the Florida panhandle.